Scott Smallwood

sound artist, composer, performer, educator





2021.12.04 : The Shape of Things - CD Release Concert by Tatiana Warszynski
Knoppers Hall, Kings University, Edmonton
As part of this CD release concert, Warszynski will be performing Smallwood's Thali Ringing, with works by others. Dec. 4, 3 PM. $25/20/10.


recently past

2021.9.20-22 : HistoCrypt2021: International Conference on Historical Cryptology
Royal Netherlands Academy of Science, Amsterdam, Netherlands
A presentation on the paper "Experimental Analysis of the Dorabella Cipher with Statistical Language Models", by authors Bradley Hauer, Colin Choi, Anirudh Sundar, Abram Hindle, Scott Smallwood, and Grzegorz Kondrak.

2021.6.2-8 : The Flotilla: An International Spatial Media Symposium
VRTO, Toronto
As part of this symposium, Smallwood will participate in a panel discussion on the current project Know Thyself, a VR / art exhibition curated by Marilene Oliver. In this panel Smallwood will discuss the role of sound in one piece, and how data plays a role in the audio.

2021.5.17 : Know Thyself as a Virtual Reality, Ethics E-Symposium
University of Alberta, Edmonton
As we work towards creating a set of ethical guidelines for working creatively with medical scan data in VR, we will be troubling some of the ethical issues surrounding health data ownership and privacy with a full-day e-Symposium. Smallwood will present work-in-progress on the VR project My Data Body.

2021.4.3 : BEAMS Quarantine Calm Digital Compilation Release
BEAMS (Boreal ElectroAcoustic Music Society)
This streaming event, broadcast on April 4, 2021, celebrates the release of a new compilation album by various artists, including Smallwood's The Slough (2020).

2021.2.10 : Artist Keynote Talk: Recent Work in the Digital World
Evolution of the Arts in a Digital World Symposium, Winspear Centre, Edmonton.
In this talk I outline my work as an artist over many years, discussing the changing landscape of composition and sound art, and what it means to be a composer in 2021.