Scott Smallwood

sound artist, composer, performer, educator





2020.9.12 - 10.10 : SNAP Presents Lancaster and Smallwood's Macromareal: (a rising tide lifts all boats)
SNAP Gallery, 10572 115 St. NW, Edmonton
Macromareal is a multimedia installation involving multichannel sound, cyanotype prints, sculpture, found objects, and video. The piece approaches the tidal range of the Bay of Fundy and its documentation in tide tables and real data through a series of interrelated works that explore ways of understanding natural processes, and our relationship to those processes as perceived from different vantage points and through different scales of time. Included as part of this exhibition is a special outdoor performance on Sat. Sept. 12 at 1 PM, which will occur outside of and surrounding the gallery space in downtown Edmonton. Gallery hours are restricted due to covid-19, and can be visited by appointment or during limited hours (see website for details).


recently past

2020.8.14-15 : ISSTA presents Sonic Practice Now
Virtual festival out of Belfast, Ireland
As part of this festival, Evidence (Scott Smallwood and Stephan Moore) presents their new game prototype, a sonic maze game called The Way In. This online virtual event partially replaces the original festival event that was scheduled for April, which was cancelled due to covid-19.

2020.6.21 : Make Music New York presents: SiteWorks -- At Home: A Virtual Happening
Streams go live on the Ensemble Ipse website on June 21
For the next installment in our SiteWorks series, Ensemble Ipse has invited four composers to create pieces that address the nature of being at home during the quarantine resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic. Miguel Frasconi, Stephan Moore, Scott Smallwood, and Joseph Di Ponio have created improvised works lasting for four hours that will be broadcast simultaneously on Ensemble Ipse's website. Audience members will be able to view and listen to each composition either individually or in various combinations. The sites for these pieces are the homes of the composers who live in Edmonton, Alberta; Chicago, New York City, and Norwalk, CT. This event is presented in collaboration with Make Music New York.

2020.01.25 - 2020.05.03 : NESTS for the End of the World
Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton.
In this special exhibition, artists were invited to create a "nest" to cope with the end of the world. As part of this exhibition, I provided a 4.1 evolving soundscape of oil production that envelopes the hot-tub installation by Cindy Baker and Ruth Cuthland. Bring a bathing suit! This installation will be up from Jan 25 until May 3, 2020.

2020.01.16 - 2020.02.02 : Evolving Anatomies @ At Espace Corps Secrets
Espace Corps Secrets - 1881, rue Saint-Andre - suite 302, Montreal (QC) H2L 3T9
A collaborative installation by Sean Caulfield, Marilene Oliver, and Scott Smallwood, exhibited Jan 16 - Feb 2, 2020, located at the Espace Corps Secrets in Montreal. By reservation only.

2020.01.31 - 02.01 : a canary torsi: CAST, STAGE, AUTHOR
Amherst College, Kirby Theater, 220 South Pleasant Street, Amherst, Mass.
I'm excited to reprising this performance with musicians Stephan Moore and Suzanne Thorpe, providing music and sound for the dance-theater production STAGE by a canary torsi, choreographed by Yanira Castro, and danced by her amazing NYC-based company. Two evenings of performances, reservations are recommended.