Scott Smallwood

sound artist, composer, performer, educator




This is my electronic band with sound artist and composer Stephan Moore. We have been performing together as a duo, as well as with others from time to time, since about 2001.

University of Alberta
I teach composition, electroacoustics, sound art, improvisation, and conduct research in the many strange and mysterious ways of making music and sound.

Audio Games Lab
This is another ongoing research project concerned with audio-oriented video games. The site currently contains some WebGL games as well as downloadable games.

This project involves creating solar-powered sound devices for use in experimental instruments, as well as interactive installations.

Jen Mesch Dance Conspiracy
I create sonic designs, music, and sound engineering functions for the various dance projects of choreographer Jen Mesch and her band of modern dancers.

New Music Edmonton
I currently serve on the board of New Music Edmonton, the foremost organization promoting Canadian composers and producing some of the region’s best new music concerts by Canadian and international composers and musicians.