Scott Smallwood

sound artist, composer, performer, educator

selected recordings



VA: Analog 2020
[ Digital release ]
This compilation of music made with analog equipment includes VWV's If a room can intrude its personality - for A. Lucier, by Gary Joynes and Scott Smallwood. Out on the Unexplained Sounds Group, 2016 (Italy)

NOW Ensemble: Dreamfall
[ CD or Digital release ]
The third release by NOW Ensemble, featuring still in here by Scott Smallwood, along with works by several other composers. 2013 New Amsterdam Records, Brooklyn, NY.

Evidence: Visuals
[ Digital release, with special 8.1 installation version ]
The fourth full-length release by Evidence. 2013 Contour Editions, Brooklyn, NY.

scott smallwood, sawako, seth cluett, ben owen and civyiu kkliu: phonography meeting 070823
[ CD + booklet, with 3 color letterpress sleeve ]
This recording documents a New York Phonographers Meeting live performance in New York from August, 2007. Edition of 300. 2012 winds measure recordings, Brooklyn, NY.

Evidence: Final Goodship Tuesday
[ 12" vinyl ]
This release from Scott Smallwood and Stephan Moore's Evidence features 33-odd minutes at 33RPM of stellar electronic collage recorded at Troy's famous late-night Goodship Tuesday at Positively Fourth Street. Edition of 300 on 140+ gram vinyl. Cover art by Marc Arsenault. 2010 Wowcool Recordings, Cupertino, CA.

Scott Smallwood: Three Soundscapes
[ Digital release ]
These pieces represent a series of works that involve meditating on slowly evolving textures in places of stillness and resonance. Works featuring Now Ensemble, Mark Dresser, and Frances-Marie Uitti. 2008 Sijis Recordings.

Evidence: Receiver
[ CD ]
This release by the electonic duo Evidence is based upon a performance/installation created at a residency at the free103point9 Wave Farm in upstate New York. 2008 free103point9 Dispatch Series, Acra, NY.

Evidence: Iris
[ DVD + CD, Digital release ]
This dual CD/DVD release by the electonic duo Evidence, features video works by 11 video artists who we have worked with over the years. 2006 Deep Listening Recordings, Kingston, NY.

Scott Smallwood: Many Voices
[ CD-R, Digital Release]
A series of field recordings/microphone performances made in central Florda as part of a residency at the Atlantic Center of the Arts. Originally released on an edition of 200 CD-R. 2005 Autumn Records.

Scott Smallwood: Brood X
[ Digital release ]
A series of field recordings of the Brood X cicada Invasion in Princeton, NJ. Originally released on CD-R. 2004 Wavelet Records.

Scott Smallwood: Electrotherapy
[ CD, Digital release ]
A series of electroacoustic works based on recordings of early 20th-century electrical devices, including induction coils, a Wimshurst machine, a diathermy machine, and an ultra violet ray oscillator. 2004 Deep Listening Recordings, Kingston, NY.

Evidence: Out of Town
[ CD, Digital release ]
The first CD release by the electonic duo Evidence, featuring Scott Smallwood and Stephan Moore. These works are based on field recordings gathered on a cross-country road trip. 2003 Deep Listening Recordings, Kingston, NY.

Scott Smallwood: Desert Winds
[ CD, Digital release ]
A series of works based on field recordings made in the Great Salt Lake Desert of Utah, created as part of a residency with the Center for Land Use Interpretation (CLUI). 2002 Deep Listening Recordings, Kingston, NY.

Scott Smallwood: Tempus Fugit
[ Digital release ]
Electroacoustic Music based on time-lapsed field recordings. Originally released on CD-R. 2001 Wavelet Records.