Scott Smallwood

sound artist, composer, performer, educator

selected recordings



Scott Smallwood: Soft Red / Hard White (2021)
[ Digital EP ]
This EP is based on music and sounds created for an installation by Jennifer Mesch called Soft Red / Hard White, which was originally exhibited in 2017. All music and field recordings by Scott Smallwood, and include recordings from Notikewan Provincial Park and Wood Buffalo National Park in Alberta and Northwest Territories, Canada.

Stephan Moore: STAGE (2021)
[ Cassette, Digital Album ]
STAGE was composed as the score for the middle piece in a trilogy of works, CAST STAGE AUTHOR, by choreographer Yanira Castro and realized by her company, a canary torsi. The trilogy premiered in September 2017 in three venues in NYC. STAGE was first performed at Abrons Art Center in Manhattan. The musicians perform on the Wall of Metals, a homemade instrument comprised of a 10-foot long sheet of steel, used as a resonator, with multiple cymbals, prayer bowls, and brass rods attached to it. Textural sounds were also produced by activating spinning cymbals attached to the rotating blades of box fans. Performed by Stephan Moore, Scott Smallwood, and Suzanne Thorpe.

Evidence: Go Where Light Is (2019)
[ Cassette, Digital Album ]
This album is built from field recordings and improvisations made in (or on the way to) Manizales, Colombia in May 2016. Elements from this album first appeared in the sound installation "Meridional Transitive" by Evidence as part of Balance-Unbalance 2016. 2019 Dead Definition Records.

VA: Analog 2020 (2016)
[ Digital Album ]
This compilation of music made with analog equipment includes VWV's If a room can intrude its personality - for A. Lucier, by Gary Joynes and Scott Smallwood. Out on the Unexplained Sounds Group, 2016 (Italy)

NOW Ensemble: Dreamfall (2013)
[ CD or Digital Album ]
The third release by NOW Ensemble, featuring still in here by Scott Smallwood, along with works by several other composers. 2013 New Amsterdam Records, Brooklyn, NY.

Evidence: Visuals (2013)
[ Digital Album, with special 8.1 installation version ]
The fourth full-length release by Evidence. 2013 Contour Editions, Brooklyn, NY.

Scott Smallwood, Sawako, Seth Cluett, Ben Owen and Civyiu kKliu: phonography meeting 070823 (2012)
[ CD + booklet, with 3 color letterpress sleeve ]
This recording documents a New York Phonographers Meeting live performance in New York from August, 2007. Edition of 300. 2012 winds measure recordings, Brooklyn, NY.

Evidence: Final Goodship Tuesday (2010)
[ 12" vinyl ]
This release from Scott Smallwood and Stephan Moore's Evidence features 33-odd minutes at 33RPM of stellar electronic collage recorded at Troy's famous late-night Goodship Tuesday at Positively Fourth Street. Edition of 300 on 140+ gram vinyl. Cover art by Marc Arsenault. 2010 Wowcool Recordings, Cupertino, CA.

Scott Smallwood: Three Soundscapes (2008)
[ Digital release ]
These pieces represent a series of works that involve meditating on slowly evolving textures in places of stillness and resonance. Works featuring Now Ensemble, Mark Dresser, and Frances-Marie Uitti. 2008 Sijis Recordings.

Evidence: Receiver (2008)
[ CD ]
This release by the electonic duo Evidence is based upon a performance/installation created at a residency at the free103point9 Wave Farm in upstate New York. 2008 free103point9 Dispatch Series, Acra, NY.

Evidence: Iris (2006)
[ DVD + CD, Digital release ]
This dual CD/DVD release by the electonic duo Evidence, features video works by 11 video artists who we have worked with over the years. 2006 Deep Listening Recordings, Kingston, NY.

Scott Smallwood: Many Voices (2005)
[ CD-R, Digital Release]
A series of field recordings/microphone performances made in central Florda as part of a residency at the Atlantic Center of the Arts. Originally released on an edition of 200 CD-R. 2005 Autumn Records.

Scott Smallwood: Brood X (2004)
[ Digital release ]
A series of field recordings of the Brood X cicada Invasion in Princeton, NJ. Originally released on CD-R. 2004 Wavelet Records.

Scott Smallwood: Electrotherapy (2004)
[ CD, Digital release ]
A series of electroacoustic works based on recordings of early 20th-century electrical devices, including induction coils, a Wimshurst machine, a diathermy machine, and an ultra violet ray oscillator. 2004 Deep Listening Recordings, Kingston, NY.

Evidence: Out of Town (2003)
[ CD, Digital release ]
The first CD release by the electonic duo Evidence, featuring Scott Smallwood and Stephan Moore. These works are based on field recordings gathered on a cross-country road trip. 2003 Deep Listening Recordings, Kingston, NY.

Scott Smallwood: Desert Winds (2002)
[ CD, Digital release ]
A series of works based on field recordings made in the Great Salt Lake Desert of Utah, created as part of a residency with the Center for Land Use Interpretation (CLUI). 2002 Deep Listening Recordings, Kingston, NY.

Scott Smallwood: Tempus Fugit (2001)
[ Digital release ]
Electroacoustic Music based on time-lapsed field recordings. Originally released on CD-R. 2001 Wavelet Records.